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Rip it Up!

I’ve been sewing for over half my life. I learned on my mom’s 1950’s straight stitch Singer.  I was 17 and wanted to make scrunchies (yes I know that dates me). I now sew 3 full days a week for my design business and I have to say that this little tool is my FAVE!

Once upon a time, I would rather restart a project from the beginning rather than rip out the seams.  I would have a pile of projects I would avoid because they needed a seam (or more) ripped out. Now I no longer put off ripping out a seam. This handy seam ripper is so easy to use and so quick, it’s actually kind of fun! No seriously, thanks to this ripper I don’t hesitate to stop the project to rip out the seams and start over.

If you don’t already have one, get one. I aquired my first Havel’s seam ripper at a quilt market trade show last spring.  It came with several replacement blades and they lasted over 9 months (and I sew A LOT which means I rip out seams A LOT). I went online to  http://www.havelssewing.com/seam-rippers.html and ordered 3 more seam rippers and a pack of replacement blades as I want one of these rippers at each sewing station and one at home!

This is a must have for your sewing box. You will simply be smiling away as you rip through all those mistakes 🙂

**I have not recieved any endorsement or free product from Havels Sewing Supply. This is 100% my opinion and recommendation based on my daily use of this product and I offer this information to you, my reader, in hope that is makes your sewing experience more enjoyable. 🙂