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Fabric Flower Pin

This super easy flower is one of my favorite accents for bags, hats, jackets, etc!  In the summer I find my self sitting on the porch making these while my boys play in the sandbox, it’s very relaxing!

Level- Your kids can do it!

Time: 10 minutes


2-3″ strip of fabric at least 10-11″ long (the wider the fabric and longer the larger your flower will be)


Thread and needle

Craft Pin (often found in the jewelry area of the store

Hot Glue

Felt  scrap

1. Iron fabric strip in half. Here I used 2 1/2″ wide fabric by about 11″ long

2. Knot thread.  Stitch a long running stitch about 1/4″ from raw edge using the thread and needle. Gather fabric as you stitch.

3. Pull the thread to gather all of the fabric. Work it into a circle and fold the end towards the center. Stitch into place by stitching through the ends and raw edges. Tie off.

4.This is the right side and you will note here that the end of the strip of fabric is tucked under so there is no raw edge showing.

5. Hot glue a button to the center covering the raw edge.

6. Attach the pin to the felt:  Cut the felt into a circle, fold in half and snip a small slit in two placed on the felt that is approximately the same distance apart as your pin is long. Slip the pin through the felt as shown.

7. Glue pin to felt then glue the felt to the flower by covering the felt thoroughly with glue.

You can layer the fabric to make a two-tone flower. For example use one 2 1/2″ wide fabric for the center and a 3″ strip for the outer flower. Line up the raw edges and stitch a long running stitch through both at the same time, then continue with #3-7.


Cruisin’ Coaster

So much scrap fabric so little time, so here’s a quick project to use up some squares. Get crazy and cut out some appliques!  This was inspired by my friend Keeli, who gave me a set of coasters for Christmas….genious!

{Copyright 2012 Maranda Lee Design Ltd}

Level: Super Easy

Time: 1/2 hour-1 hour


4 ceramic tiles 4″ x 4″

4 pieces of scrap fabric cut 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ (just a little smaller than the tile)

Ribbon and applique Optional

Mod Podge Hard set glue

1″ foam brush

Cork (I used some cork squares I had left over from a previous project)

Hot Glue

1. Clean tile with soap and water or rubbing alcohol

2. Cut fabric squares a little smaller than the tile

3. Use the foam brush to apply a thin layer of glue to the tile. Position fabric on the tile, apply another thin layer of glue over the fabric and tile. Let dry.

4. Position ribbon or applique on fabric and tile and apply another thin layer of glue. Let dry.

cut out your applique

5. Cut cork a little smaller than tile about 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ and using a hot glue gun, generously apply glue to bottom side of tile. Press cork and let set.

Wrap set with a ribbon or better yet, some scrap fabric and give to a dear friend. I love the set I recieved!