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Awe-mazing Gift Bows


I adore anything handmade especially when it is given to me as a gift. There is something about receiving a gift that was made with you in mind. I cherish these gifts most as I think of the time and love put into that object.

Whether your gift is made by hand or not, you can add a little personal touch to every gift with one of these amazing fabric bows. It’s good for the environment and your friend will probably love the bow almost as much as the gift itself!

{Pattern Copyright 2012 Maranda Lee Design Ltd}

Level: Super Easy

Time: 1/2 hour or less (make more than 1 at a time and save them in a small tote with your gift wrap)


Scrap fabric 8-14″ long at least 2″
Pinking shears or rotary cutter with pinking blade
Hot Glue
Thread (you can hand sew this but I like to machine sew these-it’s just faster)
Wonderunder double sided iron-on by Pellon (for bow #2)
Bow Option 1:
1. Using the pinking shears/rotary cutter cut fabric into strips 1″ to 1 1/4″ wide so the pinking cut is on each side of the fabric. Cut strips to the following lengths. You will need 2 of each size: 14″, 12″ 10″ 8″
2. Fold each piece as follows: with piece horizontally in front of you, fold short edge to the middle and flip upside down, then take other side of the strip and fold to the middle and flip upside down. The turns on each side should be going opposite directions. Pin. Do this for the remaining 7 strips.
3. Stack the strips perpindicular by size (ie: place one 14″ strip on top of the other 14″ strip show they are shaped like a +) Tack in place by hand or with a forward and back stitch on your machine
4. Stack the + by size. Place the 14″ set on bottom, then the 12″ set on top of that, then the 10″ set on top of that and then the 8″ set on the top. Stitch through all layers making sure the ends of each set are secured.
5. Hot glue a button or other decorative center.
Bow Option 2:
1. Cut 4″ strips of wonderunder by 14, 12, 10 and 8″ Iron one piece between 2 pieces of fabric. Use pinking rotary cutter and cut strips to 1 or 1 1/4″ wide.
2. You will want 2 pieces of each length when you are done. Continue as above from step 2
Bow Option 3:
1. Cut fabric scraps into 3″ strips by 14″, 12″, 10″ 8″ – you will need 2 of each size.
2. Start with 1 strip. Fold in lengthwise bringing the edges to the center. Your strip will be 1 1/2″ wide. Iron. Fold in half (it is now 3/4″ wide) iron.
3. Topstitch along both long sides about 1/4″ from the edge.
4. Fold as shown in step 2. Omit pinning and instead tack ends in place. Stack them into sets as in #3 and tack in place.
5. Using a hot glue gun stap the sets as follows: 14″, top with 12″, top with 10″, top with 8″
6. Hot glue with buttons or other decorative items, gems, pearls, reclaimed jewelry pieces.