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10 Things I’ll Miss (and not miss) About Pregnancy

After baby #2, my husband and I agreed we were done. We were blessed with 2 healthy boys, busy busy healthy boys. We felt content with having 2 kids and for years felt we were fully happy as a family of four. Then when #2 was about 3 1/2, we started to consider the possibility of adding one more to the family. I think we both felt someone was missing.

With less than 3 weeks to go until D-Day, I can confidently say (I think) that baby #3 will round out our family…at least I don’t plan on being pregnant again….sigh. I am lucky, I have good pregancies. I don’t have terrible morning sickness or complications and it pretty much is a smooth 9 months. Since this will be the last 3 weeks of being pregnant, it causes me to reflect on what I’ll miss (and not miss) about being pregnant.

Things I’ll MISS:
1. Feeling the baby tumble, rock and roll, kick and hiccup inside my growing belly. It’s an amazing experience to feel another person moving inside you, a little alien-ish but such a close bond that I wish my husband could somehow experience.
2. My flawless glowing skin, thank you pregnancy hormones….um, doctor. can I get a prescription for those ??
3. Proudly displaying the growing belly in every picture possible instead of sucking in the gut.
4. Not feel guilty about  watching my belly grow bigger and gaining weight each week.
5. My rock hard abs (okay belly).
6. The boys talking to the baby in the belly.  They like to use their monster voices to growl “hello baby.”
7. Stretchy, loose and comfy clothes everyday and everywhere!
8. Eating icecream for lunch or at night or really any time of the day and no one is judging, not even myself.

Things I will NOT Miss:
1. Heartburn….when I drink water or eat anything. Tossing and turning and sleeping upright to fend off the heartburn….and the taste of chalky antacid tablets.
2. Sleeping on the sofa with tons of pillows to help keep me propped in place to support the belly.
3. Braxton Hicks contractions that seem to extend to my back and have become progressively more uncomfortable.
4. Wishing every night that we had a bathtub in the house, or a jacuzzi, a jetted tub or something to soak away the aches
5. All those trips to the bathroom during the day and night
6. Not being able to run, hike or chase after the boys.


29 Weeks and counting

Baby #3 is on it’s way in just 10-11 short weeks! The months have flown by and I realized this week that while I help my customers prepare for baby’s arrival creating diaper bags and accessories, I am seriously lacking in the “being prepared” department. My youngest just turned 5 years old so you could say we are starting over with #3. We have a few items left over from my boys infancy days, but really when it comes down to it, we have nothing prepared for the next ones arrival.

Stella Large

Stella Large

I’ve perused the recommended gear lists in magazines and have taken note of the new gear on the shelves at the stores and we have a lot of preparing ahead. Maybe you’re also preparing for baby’s arrival-congratulations!  So here’s a short list I’ve compiled of things to have in your diaper bag.

1. Diapers – um, that may seem obvious but I remember a few too many times reaching into the bag to find I had NO diapers left!

2. Wipes-lots of wipes for newborns (and then maybe another box of wipes in the car too)

3. Butt cream- because a rash will start when you least expect it, seemingly in minutes

4. Burp clothes – 2-3 as you will find they get soiled quickly

5. Plastic bag or wet bag to put soiled burp clothes (and after diaper blow-out clothing)

6. Change of clothes-onsie, pants, socks, booties (maybe another set for backup also in the car)

7. Nursing cover or blanket

8. Changing pad- keep your precious perfection off the dirty floors or public changing tables-yuck

9. Rattle/toy

10. Pacifier or two in a Paci Pouch-the ones I make clip to the bag for convenience

11. Anti-bacterial wipes/gel

12. Camera- to record all those adorable little smiles and special moments with grandma/pa

13. Chocolate-not for baby, for you, when you need treat or two for yourself

14. A clean shirt for you!

Oh yes, there is more, so much more that will be packed into that diaper bag, but these are the first few that come to mind. 🙂

What is a “must have” that you carry in your diaper bag?