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Fabric Jewelry – A Composition

For some reason I really love jewelry in the summer. Maybe because more of my arms and neck are visible with a summer wardrobe (it’s snow country here in the winter). Maybe I have more time to think about adding an accessory in the lazy summer mornings? I don’t know. What I do know is I like these easy ideas for accessorizing with your scraps!

Braided Fabric Bracelet from Craftaholics Anonymous– so easy, I’m making oodles of these in all colors…use regular cotton and use fray check on the edge if needed or fold raw edges inward before braiding.

Fabric covered bracelets from Fave Crafts. Use plastic or wood bracelets and cover them with strips of fabric…super easy!

Fabric covered Necklace from Elegant Musings by guest writer Tilly and the Buttons

Amy Butler also has a tutorial for a similar necklace here

Scrap Fabric Necklace from Smaller

This one I can’t wait to try out…small and colorful! Would coordinate nicely with the first bracelet, right?

Button Necklaces from Very Purple Person

Super cute, easy, fast and would coordinate with the button earings in the previous post.

Ruffled fabric necklace from Craftaholics Anonymous

Sooo sooo easy!


Fabric Earings – A Compilation

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  -Pablo Picasso

Those scrap piles keep growing faster than I can  and sew projects. The summer months have been busy with farmers markets and art festivals.  So I thought I’d give you a sampling of fabric earings tutorials I found on the www. Hope you enjoy!

Fabric Button Earings from blog Casa de Lewis

Made these, like a jillion pair and love them. Note a metal glue, like a super glue vs hot glue gun worked better for me


Fabric Scrap Earings from DIY Fashion

This would be so funky…just might have to make these for a night at Music on Main

Recycled Water Bottle and Fabric Earings from Fave Crafts

This one also has a YouTube video if you prefer the video tutorial.

Fabric and Wood Earings from The Craft in Me

These look really easy and I like the look. They would probably be really light-weight too!

Stack-em Up Fabric Cubes

I have 4 friends that are all preggers right now! It is such a fun time with babies arriving soon!  I’m a little inspired by all the baby-mania and here is a fun way to use up some scraps and create lasting toys for those little ones in your life!

Level: If you can sew a straight line-you got this one!

Time: about 30 minutes


Scrap fabric – 3 prints (A, B, C) , 2 pieces of each print cut to 4″ x 4″ square for a total of 6 pieces

Light weight iron on interfacing (Pellon 911FF)


Stuffing (poly-fill works well)

1.  Cut out 6 4″ x 4″ squares of fabric and interfacing.  You should have 2 pieces of each print (A, B, C)

2. Iron interfacing to Wrong side of each piece of fabric.

3. Using this diagram, stitch squares together to form block.  Stitch fabric A-B-A-B. Then stitch fabric C to end piece A, stitch second piece of C to the bottom of the same end piece A.  Stitch end piece A to end piece B to form main square of the block. Then stitch pieces C to A then to pieces B. Leave a small opening for turning and stuffing when you stitch the last 2 pieces together.

Download the template here

4. Turn right side out. Stuff with batting.

Coasters II

So my oldest son (Big W) is so excited about coasters. I have a plastic cover I’ve made for our table so that my 2 boys under 5 years old cannot do much damage to it. Despite the table already being adequately protected, Big W insists that everyone use a coaster at the table.  So here is coaster idea number 2 in what might be a series!

Level: If you can sew a straight line….

Time: 1/2-1 hour


Scrap fabric in 5 1/2″ squares

Iron-on interfacing lightweight (I used Pellon 911FF)

Iron-on batting interfacing – 5″ square per coaster

Miscellaneous scrap fabric for decorative sides

{All Rights Reserved Copyright 2012 Maranda Lee Designs Ltd – for personal use only}

1. To create the coaster shown above I used a solid 5 1/2″ square of fabric on one side. To create this striped side, cut 4 pieces of fabric 2 1/2″ wide x 8″ long. Iron on lightweight interfacing (pellon 911ff) to the wrong side of each piece.

2. Stitch 2 pieces lengthwise together, press open and then topstitch 1/8″ from seam. Continue until all 4 pieces are stitched together to form one larger piece.

3.To get the diagonal effect of the stripes, place the 5 1/2″ square on the larger striped section at an angle. Using the square as a template, pin in place and cut along the edge. You now have 2  squars that are 5 1/2″

4. Place batting on the wrong side of 1 square. Have the iron-on side facing the wrong side of the fabric. Press following manufacturer directions.

5.Place square with iron on batting right side facing on second square. Pin in place. Stitch 1/2″ around the edge leaving a 3″ opening on once side for turning right side out. Clip the corners.

6. Turn right side out, press. Topt stitch 1/4″ from edge around all 4 sides closing up the opening as you sew.

For this set I made 4 diffrent coasters – one as shown above.  I added a band to one side of a solid square before stitching by taking a 3″ wide strip of fabric, fold the ends lengthwise towards the center and press, then stitch the band to the  square at an angle (you could also make it go vertical or horizontal).  I made one with a solid square on each side and then a different coaster using 2 triangles. I folded the 5 1/2″ square diagonally to make a triangle then added a 1/2″ seam allowance to the longest side. With right sides facing match up the longest sides and stitch, press and topstitch. You now have a 5 1/2″ square

Use your imagination. Create hexigons, circles, hearts, etc…have fun!

Fabric Flower Pin

This super easy flower is one of my favorite accents for bags, hats, jackets, etc!  In the summer I find my self sitting on the porch making these while my boys play in the sandbox, it’s very relaxing!

Level- Your kids can do it!

Time: 10 minutes


2-3″ strip of fabric at least 10-11″ long (the wider the fabric and longer the larger your flower will be)


Thread and needle

Craft Pin (often found in the jewelry area of the store

Hot Glue

Felt  scrap

1. Iron fabric strip in half. Here I used 2 1/2″ wide fabric by about 11″ long

2. Knot thread.  Stitch a long running stitch about 1/4″ from raw edge using the thread and needle. Gather fabric as you stitch.

3. Pull the thread to gather all of the fabric. Work it into a circle and fold the end towards the center. Stitch into place by stitching through the ends and raw edges. Tie off.

4.This is the right side and you will note here that the end of the strip of fabric is tucked under so there is no raw edge showing.

5. Hot glue a button to the center covering the raw edge.

6. Attach the pin to the felt:  Cut the felt into a circle, fold in half and snip a small slit in two placed on the felt that is approximately the same distance apart as your pin is long. Slip the pin through the felt as shown.

7. Glue pin to felt then glue the felt to the flower by covering the felt thoroughly with glue.

You can layer the fabric to make a two-tone flower. For example use one 2 1/2″ wide fabric for the center and a 3″ strip for the outer flower. Line up the raw edges and stitch a long running stitch through both at the same time, then continue with #3-7.

Awe-mazing Gift Bows


I adore anything handmade especially when it is given to me as a gift. There is something about receiving a gift that was made with you in mind. I cherish these gifts most as I think of the time and love put into that object.

Whether your gift is made by hand or not, you can add a little personal touch to every gift with one of these amazing fabric bows. It’s good for the environment and your friend will probably love the bow almost as much as the gift itself!

{Pattern Copyright 2012 Maranda Lee Design Ltd}

Level: Super Easy

Time: 1/2 hour or less (make more than 1 at a time and save them in a small tote with your gift wrap)


Scrap fabric 8-14″ long at least 2″
Pinking shears or rotary cutter with pinking blade
Hot Glue
Thread (you can hand sew this but I like to machine sew these-it’s just faster)
Wonderunder double sided iron-on by Pellon (for bow #2)
Bow Option 1:
1. Using the pinking shears/rotary cutter cut fabric into strips 1″ to 1 1/4″ wide so the pinking cut is on each side of the fabric. Cut strips to the following lengths. You will need 2 of each size: 14″, 12″ 10″ 8″
2. Fold each piece as follows: with piece horizontally in front of you, fold short edge to the middle and flip upside down, then take other side of the strip and fold to the middle and flip upside down. The turns on each side should be going opposite directions. Pin. Do this for the remaining 7 strips.
3. Stack the strips perpindicular by size (ie: place one 14″ strip on top of the other 14″ strip show they are shaped like a +) Tack in place by hand or with a forward and back stitch on your machine
4. Stack the + by size. Place the 14″ set on bottom, then the 12″ set on top of that, then the 10″ set on top of that and then the 8″ set on the top. Stitch through all layers making sure the ends of each set are secured.
5. Hot glue a button or other decorative center.
Bow Option 2:
1. Cut 4″ strips of wonderunder by 14, 12, 10 and 8″ Iron one piece between 2 pieces of fabric. Use pinking rotary cutter and cut strips to 1 or 1 1/4″ wide.
2. You will want 2 pieces of each length when you are done. Continue as above from step 2
Bow Option 3:
1. Cut fabric scraps into 3″ strips by 14″, 12″, 10″ 8″ – you will need 2 of each size.
2. Start with 1 strip. Fold in lengthwise bringing the edges to the center. Your strip will be 1 1/2″ wide. Iron. Fold in half (it is now 3/4″ wide) iron.
3. Topstitch along both long sides about 1/4″ from the edge.
4. Fold as shown in step 2. Omit pinning and instead tack ends in place. Stack them into sets as in #3 and tack in place.
5. Using a hot glue gun stap the sets as follows: 14″, top with 12″, top with 10″, top with 8″
6. Hot glue with buttons or other decorative items, gems, pearls, reclaimed jewelry pieces.

Gift Card Money Pouch

This little pouch is perfect place to slip that birthday gift card or a little cash. I love to use mine for storing all those punch cards that accumulate in your wallet. Whenever I’m in a store, I pull out my card pouch and easily find the rewards card I need.
{Pattern Copyright 2012 Maranda Lee Design Ltd}
Level: Easy-Peezy
Time: about 45 minutes, less if you make more than 1 at a time
2 pieces of Scrap fabric at least 6″ x 10″ each
Light weight (pellon 911FF) iron-on interfacing 6″ x 10″
Snap Button and tool ( hammer and thread spool)
Coordinating thread
1. Cut a rectangle 6″ x 10″ out of 2 different pieces of scrap fabric. You can use 2 colors that coordinate or accent each other…don’t feel limited here as I love a fun bag with a surprise on the inside!
2. Following manufacturers instructions, iron-on the interfacing to the fabric piece A (the fabric that will be on the outside).
3. With right sides together, match up short and long ends of both pieces of fabric. Stitch all 4 sides leave 3″ on one short end open for turning. Be sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end as well as at each corner.
NOTE” when stitching across the opposite short end from the opening you will have the opportunity to either stitch straight across for a squared flap or as I have done here, angle your stitch to have a triangular flap. You could also use a soup can to mark a rounded flap….the skies the limit on this design!
4. Clip corners and turn right sides out. Press and then stitch across the bottom closing the opening at the same time.
5. Fold your pouch into thirds so that it is approximately 5″ wide x 3.5″ tall when folded. Stitch up one side, across the flap and then down the other side. You now have a pouch with a flap!
6. Add a snap! You can buy these snaps with a tool for attaching them but you can also use a thread spool and hammer as shown here. Mark where your snap will go by folding the flap down over the main part of the pouch then fold it up about 1/2″. At the center (approx 2 1/2″ from the edge) mark both the flap and the pouch where the snap will go.
7. Attach the top snap to the flap (this is the part of the snap with the decorative head). Then the opposite part of the snap to the pouch.
Voila! Fill with money or gift card for a fun reusable present!
IDEAS: Add a personal touch to your pouch by printing a message on fabric paper and stitching it to your pouch before assembly. You can also fold the fabric paper in half and stitch it into the side seam for a “tag” affect. Add the recipients name, a greeting or message, or words or inspiration for a truly unique and personal gift.