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Walk in the Park – part 3

The Clutch

We live on a dirt road in the country so I rarely worry about where my dog “goes” when we are on a walk. However, we do travel into town to frequent the dog parks and local trail systems. Oh I never enjoy wondering upon the mess of a dog so i like to bring along a plastic bag for cleaning up after my Ziggy. It is also nice, on occasion to have a place to put a few dollars in case I stop for coffee or treats for the kids.

This clutch is perfect for carrying your plastic bag, id, money, keys, etc while walking your pooch. Or this makes a great little wallet to attach to your key ring, keep those frequent shopper cards or customer reward cards here and you’ll can stop cluttering up your wallet!

{Pattern Copyright 2012 Maranda Lee Design Ltd}


Scrap fabric cut to 12 x 7 1/2″- 2 pieces

Iron-on interfacing, light-weight (Pellon 911FF) cut to 12 x 7 1/2″ – 2 pieces

Scrap fabric 3″ x 4″ for strap

Snap hook or lobster claw hook (you can also use a small carabiner or split ring)

1. Iron interfacing to wrong side of each piece of fabric. I usually place the interfacing with the bumpy side facing up then place the fabric on top with the right side facing me (wrong side facing the bumps). Then iron using a medium to high heat.

2. For the strap, fold both edges (the 4″ side) to the middle and press. Fold again and press. You now have a 4″ long strip. Top-stitch the length of the strip 1/4″ from the folded edge.

3. Slip the strap through the hook, fold in half. Measure 3″ up from the bottom of the fabric 12″ x 7 1/2″ rectangle. Matching raw edges of the strap and the edge of the fabric, pin in place.

4. Place second piece of fabric, right sides facing on top of first piece of fabric with the hook pinned in place. Pin  all four sides. Stitch around all 4 sides leaving 3″ open at the bottom of the rectangle for turning. Be sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end of your stitch.

5. Clip corners, turn right side out. Push corners out using the eraser tip of a pencil or other un-sharp blunt object. Press.

6. Fold raw edge of the opening under to the wrong side and topstitch along the bottom.

7. Fold rectangle into thirds. This creates a pouch and flap. Mark a place on the pouch for the velcro (hook/loop) and pin in place. Stitch around the edge of velcro using a straight stitch or zig zag stitch

8. Fold flap down then fold up just enough to mark the flap with where the other side of the velcro should go. Use the piece of velcro you just stitched in place as a guide. Pin velcro then stitch around the edge as you did in step 7.

8.  With the “flap” up or open, topstitch around all 3 sides of the pouch, back-stitch at the beginning and end.

Sha-bam! You’re done!


Walk in the Park – part 2

The Collar!

Create a coordinating collar for your furry friend with a couple pieces of hardware and some scrap fabric!  It’s so easy you might make a collar for each day of the week…or maybe just for the holidays?


{Pattern Copyright 2012 Maranda Lee Design Ltd}


4″ x 20″ strip of fabric (or piece multiple fabrics together to make a 20″ long strip)

1″ D ring

1″ parachute clip

1″ strap slide

1. Fold each long side into the middle, press with iron. Fold again to form 1″ wide strip.

2. Topstitch 1/4″ from both edges.

3. Let the fun begin….this is the tricky part.  First slide the strap through the strap slide as shown here (feed from the bottom, up and over the bar, then down again).

4. Pull the strap through the slide, fold the raw edge under 1″ and stitch through all three layers (be sure to backstitch at both ends)

5. Take the other raw edge and slip from underneath up through one side of the parachute clip as shown below. Then feed the strap down through the other opening on the same side of the clip.

6.  Feed the raw edge through the strap slide, feed from the bottom, up and over the bar then back down through the other side of the slide.

7. Slip the raw edge through the D ring then feed it through the other side of the parachute clip (feed from the top so the raw edge ends up on the underside of the collar)

8. Slide raw edge under the D ring and back toward the parachute clip as shown. Stitch and backstitch as close to the D ring as possible. Stitch again 1/4″ from the first stitch, be sure to stitch through all 3 layers of the collar strap.

Walk in the Park- part 1

About 1 year ago I fell in love…again.  While visiting out local animal shelter, I fell in love at first sight with my baby, Ziggy.  I knew the moment I saw him that he would go home with us. It’s totally crazy, I know, but he completely stole my heart.  A year later, he has settled right in. My oldest son counts him as part of our family, my youngest calls him  his brother.  If my hubby would allow it, he’d sleep in bed with me, instead of next to me on the floor. Ziggy follows me everywhere, plays with my boys and has curled up and found a permanent place in my heart.

I admit I’m now a crazy dog lady so I thought this project was completely appropriate…and easy!

Dog Leash


4″ x 20″ 3 different fabrics (A, B, C)

2″ x 56″ medium to light-weight interfacing (sew-in)

Snap bolt hardware (found at hardware store)

Thread to coordinate

Note: This pattern will create approximately 50″ long leash. For a custom length leash, determine the finished length, add 10″ then divide by the number of scrap fabric pieces you will use. In this example we are using 3 pieces of fabric so you would divide by 3.

1. Stitch the 3 different fabrics together. Join fabric A with fabric B by matching short ends and stitch 1/2″ from edge. Open and top stitch 1/4″ from seam be sure to stitch through the seam allowance.

2. Stitch fabric B to fabric C in the same manner (an optional way to attach the pieces is by placing each piece perpendicular and stitch diagonally. Trim excess, open and topstitch through seam allowance.

optional joining method using diagonal stitch

Optional joining method using diagonal stitch

3. Place interfacing on the wrong side of fabric strip. Center so there is 1″ of fabric on each side of interfacing. Fold fabric in towards the middle, fold again lining up the folded edges. Pin or press.

fold sides to the centerfold again then topstitch

4. Topstitch along both folded sides 1/4″ from the edge. You now have a long strap.

topstitch 1/4" from the folded edge

5.Create the handle. Measure 8″ from end and fold. Fold the raw edge  under 1″. Topstitch through all 3 layers using a box stitch pattern.


6. Attach the snap bolt. Slide the snap bolt hardware 2″ up the leash starting on the other raw edge. Fold raw edge  under 1″ and then topstitch a box stitch pattern.

Head to the park!