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Fabric Jewelry – A Composition

For some reason I really love jewelry in the summer. Maybe because more of my arms and neck are visible with a summer wardrobe (it’s snow country here in the winter). Maybe I have more time to think about adding an accessory in the lazy summer mornings? I don’t know. What I do know is I like these easy ideas for accessorizing with your scraps!

Braided Fabric Bracelet from Craftaholics Anonymous– so easy, I’m making oodles of these in all colors…use regular cotton and use fray check on the edge if needed or fold raw edges inward before braiding.

Fabric covered bracelets from Fave Crafts. Use plastic or wood bracelets and cover them with strips of fabric…super easy!

Fabric covered Necklace from Elegant Musings by guest writer Tilly and the Buttons

Amy Butler also has a tutorial for a similar necklace here

Scrap Fabric Necklace from Smaller

This one I can’t wait to try out…small and colorful! Would coordinate nicely with the first bracelet, right?

Button Necklaces from Very Purple Person

Super cute, easy, fast and would coordinate with the button earings in the previous post.

Ruffled fabric necklace from Craftaholics Anonymous

Sooo sooo easy!


Scrappy Bias Tape

While this really is not “bias” tape it is tape that you can use for all sorts of finishing.  I have an entire box of scraps cut to this size so I can grab and stitch and make this up in advance.  It will add a little kick to just about anything!

This also makes for a good sewing exercise for the beginner and something you can do with your kids to practice straight sewing and ironing.

Level: My kids could do it 🙂

Time: Not much, the more you make the longer it takes


Scrap fabric cut 3″ wide by various lengths



1. After determining how many feet or yards you need of tape, gather enough scraps for the project.  Personally, I like to make up lots of this at one time and keep it on hand for later projects.

2. There are 2 ways to stitch the fabric scraps together. The best way to minimize the bulkiness in the tape is by sewing the pieces together perpendicular.  Place 2 scraps right sides together perpendicular to one another (see the photo below).

3. Stitch diagonally across the fabric then clip excess fabric.

4. Press the seam open. Continue adding scraps in this manner until your tape is as long (or longer) than needed

5. With wrong side up, fold the long edges in towards the middle. Press.  Using a light water mist from a spray bottle helps the folds stay nice and crisp.

Beginner tip: You may start by ironing the strip in half so you have a center fold. Then iron each long end in towards this fold. As you do this more, you may find you do not need to create the center fold.

6. Now fold again down the center so the folded edges meet. Press.

You’re done….that’s right, your done 🙂

Fabric Flower Pin

This super easy flower is one of my favorite accents for bags, hats, jackets, etc!  In the summer I find my self sitting on the porch making these while my boys play in the sandbox, it’s very relaxing!

Level- Your kids can do it!

Time: 10 minutes


2-3″ strip of fabric at least 10-11″ long (the wider the fabric and longer the larger your flower will be)


Thread and needle

Craft Pin (often found in the jewelry area of the store

Hot Glue

Felt  scrap

1. Iron fabric strip in half. Here I used 2 1/2″ wide fabric by about 11″ long

2. Knot thread.  Stitch a long running stitch about 1/4″ from raw edge using the thread and needle. Gather fabric as you stitch.

3. Pull the thread to gather all of the fabric. Work it into a circle and fold the end towards the center. Stitch into place by stitching through the ends and raw edges. Tie off.

4.This is the right side and you will note here that the end of the strip of fabric is tucked under so there is no raw edge showing.

5. Hot glue a button to the center covering the raw edge.

6. Attach the pin to the felt:  Cut the felt into a circle, fold in half and snip a small slit in two placed on the felt that is approximately the same distance apart as your pin is long. Slip the pin through the felt as shown.

7. Glue pin to felt then glue the felt to the flower by covering the felt thoroughly with glue.

You can layer the fabric to make a two-tone flower. For example use one 2 1/2″ wide fabric for the center and a 3″ strip for the outer flower. Line up the raw edges and stitch a long running stitch through both at the same time, then continue with #3-7.

Rip it Up!

I’ve been sewing for over half my life. I learned on my mom’s 1950’s straight stitch Singer.  I was 17 and wanted to make scrunchies (yes I know that dates me). I now sew 3 full days a week for my design business and I have to say that this little tool is my FAVE!

Once upon a time, I would rather restart a project from the beginning rather than rip out the seams.  I would have a pile of projects I would avoid because they needed a seam (or more) ripped out. Now I no longer put off ripping out a seam. This handy seam ripper is so easy to use and so quick, it’s actually kind of fun! No seriously, thanks to this ripper I don’t hesitate to stop the project to rip out the seams and start over.

If you don’t already have one, get one. I aquired my first Havel’s seam ripper at a quilt market trade show last spring.  It came with several replacement blades and they lasted over 9 months (and I sew A LOT which means I rip out seams A LOT). I went online to and ordered 3 more seam rippers and a pack of replacement blades as I want one of these rippers at each sewing station and one at home!

This is a must have for your sewing box. You will simply be smiling away as you rip through all those mistakes 🙂

**I have not recieved any endorsement or free product from Havels Sewing Supply. This is 100% my opinion and recommendation based on my daily use of this product and I offer this information to you, my reader, in hope that is makes your sewing experience more enjoyable. 🙂

Gift Card Money Pouch

This little pouch is perfect place to slip that birthday gift card or a little cash. I love to use mine for storing all those punch cards that accumulate in your wallet. Whenever I’m in a store, I pull out my card pouch and easily find the rewards card I need.
{Pattern Copyright 2012 Maranda Lee Design Ltd}
Level: Easy-Peezy
Time: about 45 minutes, less if you make more than 1 at a time
2 pieces of Scrap fabric at least 6″ x 10″ each
Light weight (pellon 911FF) iron-on interfacing 6″ x 10″
Snap Button and tool ( hammer and thread spool)
Coordinating thread
1. Cut a rectangle 6″ x 10″ out of 2 different pieces of scrap fabric. You can use 2 colors that coordinate or accent each other…don’t feel limited here as I love a fun bag with a surprise on the inside!
2. Following manufacturers instructions, iron-on the interfacing to the fabric piece A (the fabric that will be on the outside).
3. With right sides together, match up short and long ends of both pieces of fabric. Stitch all 4 sides leave 3″ on one short end open for turning. Be sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end as well as at each corner.
NOTE” when stitching across the opposite short end from the opening you will have the opportunity to either stitch straight across for a squared flap or as I have done here, angle your stitch to have a triangular flap. You could also use a soup can to mark a rounded flap….the skies the limit on this design!
4. Clip corners and turn right sides out. Press and then stitch across the bottom closing the opening at the same time.
5. Fold your pouch into thirds so that it is approximately 5″ wide x 3.5″ tall when folded. Stitch up one side, across the flap and then down the other side. You now have a pouch with a flap!
6. Add a snap! You can buy these snaps with a tool for attaching them but you can also use a thread spool and hammer as shown here. Mark where your snap will go by folding the flap down over the main part of the pouch then fold it up about 1/2″. At the center (approx 2 1/2″ from the edge) mark both the flap and the pouch where the snap will go.
7. Attach the top snap to the flap (this is the part of the snap with the decorative head). Then the opposite part of the snap to the pouch.
Voila! Fill with money or gift card for a fun reusable present!
IDEAS: Add a personal touch to your pouch by printing a message on fabric paper and stitching it to your pouch before assembly. You can also fold the fabric paper in half and stitch it into the side seam for a “tag” affect. Add the recipients name, a greeting or message, or words or inspiration for a truly unique and personal gift.