What’s in your Hospital Bag?

Wipee Dipee and Changing Pad

Wipee Dipee and Changing Pad

Diaper Strap

Diaper Strap







I think one of the most difficult aspects of the final weeks is the unknown of babies arrival.You reach a point where it really could happen anytime and any odd feeling is cause to wonder if labor is starting. I have serious nesting going on. I can’t seem to get enough things marked off the “to do” list, cleaned, organized or in general prepared for baby’s arrival. Can you really ever be completely prepared for your life to be turned upside down? Um, no not really.

A few weeks ago, I packed a bag for the boys with clothes, pajamas, tooth brush and toothepaste and will be putting into my car tomorrow. This bag is for a variety of scenarios that would require them staying the night with friends. For some reason, packing my own bag has been more challenging, maybe I’m just procrastinating. However, with the arrival date so close, I cannot deny the inevitable. I am going to need a hospital bag and I’ll need it soon.

So here are some things to consider adding to your hospital bag:
1. Clothes (comfortable) to wear home from the hospital- I chose a dress and slip on shoes.
2. A few pairs of underwear
3. Warm socks – a few pairs – 1 for delivery and 1-2 for your stay at the hospital
4. Slippers
5. Robe for walking around outside of your room or when you have visitors to your room
6. Nursing pads and Nursing bra
7. Baby’s layette- what you will bring baby home in
8. Baby blanket or swaddle blanket
9. Pacifier if you plan to use one (and Maranda Lee pacifier pouch!)
10. Lanolin – nipple ointment
11. Your favorite pillow if you’re partial to your pillows (this was a suggestion from my sister)
12. Toiletries- your facewash, toothebrush, hair brush, lotion, shampoo, etc items you would usually pack for overnight trips
13. Snacks for you and hubby in case baby is born in the middle of the night and you need a little something to eat before the hopsital cafeteria opens.
14. Camera, camcorder, battery chargers for both AND your cell phone!

If you are a fair distance from home, you will also want some items for the new dad if he will be staying overnight with you.

And now that the bag is packed, we sit, we wait, we anticipate when we will meet this little person kicking away inside my belly!


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