Birdy is Nesting

With just 4 weeks to go until Baby Lee #3 is due, we still have much to do!  Nesting instincts have kicked in, big time!  I’m not sure how many times I’ve said to hubby “We need to bring in the rocker.” “Or can you get the bassinet” as my maternal instincts start to kick into overdrive in anticipation of our little one’s arrival.
We finally have the car seat so baby now has a ride home from the hospital should he/she join us early.  We have sleepers/onsies (that need to be washed), diapers, wipes, baby seat and activity mat. I have ordered little basics like creams, breast pump accessories, mirror for the backseat and bottles.

We are slowly getting the basics together, sigh, but there are a few big things still to be done…like a room for baby!  There is hope though that baby will have a space of his/her own soon as my wonderful hubby and a good friend framed up the walls to what will be the nursery.  That means we have 4 weeks to wire, insulate, sheet rock, paint, finish and move into the new rooms.  Okay, I am being realistic here, while it is possible to have this area done in 4-5 weeks, I am preparing myself for the reality that we will likely be finishing and moving into the space AFTER baby’s arrival.  This goes against every fiber of my nesting instincts, but I am trying not to dwell on it too much. I am just beyond excited that we will finally (after almost 2 years in the making) have this addition done (sort of) 🙂

Here’s where we are as of today…yay!

Future Nursery

Future Nursery

Since I can’t set up the babies room quite yet, I put a little energy into getting the car seat and stroller out of the shipping box. Yay! The boys then had fun turning the box into a fort  complete with windows and a door. At this very moment they are decorating the outside with construction paper and drawings.  Go-go imagination gadget! It’s amazing how much fun a box can be!




One thought on “Birdy is Nesting

  1. jorietonkinson

    I love your blog! and the time you find to do it in! The “Cut the Scrap” title is leaving me laughing. I love humor and creativity that you have! Look forward to seeing little bird #3! ❤


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