Drumroll or River Dance?

4 weeks and 3 days to go!
I’m pretty use to some busy babies en utero.  With babes 1 and 2, I had a lot of movement, almost constant it seemed. I think most moms would agree, that is something they miss most about being pregnant, feeling baby move inside. Hubby can only comment that it must feel weird. Well yes, in a alien life form moving inside my belly, weird way.


With #3, movement started later than with the boys, but once it started it hasn’t stopped!  Last night I described it a bit like popping corn inside my belly, popping all over on all sides of my belly which makes me wish there was a way to see just what this little one is doing in there!  It is the next Tommy Lee, rocking out to it’s own drumset?  Or is it the next famous River Dancer. I swear if there is knocking and kicking on the right side of my tummy, there is poking and hitting on the left side at the same time. There’s lots of tumbling and rolling. Will it be the next olympic gold medal gymnast?  Sometimes I think the baby is trying to give the inside of my body a massage-sometimes relaxing and sometimes shiatsu style. And then there are times when I swear it’s trying to find it’s way out…no baby, there is no way out at the top of my stomach!

The boys laugh when they can feel baby moving and daddy’s usual comment to the movement, “whoa”.  I’ll miss seeing the boy’s smiles and laughs when feeling baby move, but I am really loookinf forward to watching them become amazing big brothers.

It’s a unique sensation, one I never want to forget and sadly know that over time I will. I will miss those rolls, kicks, drumrolls and river dances. I have to remember this whenever I feel a swift jolt of movement that takes away my breath and is sometimes less than comfortable.   While I’m ready to be done with pregnancy, I will truly miss feeling baby moving inside.


One thought on “Drumroll or River Dance?

  1. honysbear@aol.com

    Love all your writings. You are an amazing talented person. And I am blessed to be your mom! Love you. Hugs


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