Oh Brother!

This time around we are not finding out if #3 is a boy or girl. We all like to speculate and on any given day you can ask the boys what they think it will be and they will have a different answer. Some days they think/want a girl and some days a boy.  For a while my youngest wanted a girl so that he” would always be stronger than her.”  Since they are 5 and 7 they both can understand that we have another baby arriving soon and some of the things cooking in their liittle brains is just too fun not to write down!

We like to have fun with feeding mommy and seeing if baby likes it. The boys like to give me treats to see if in turn, baby will kick or move or otherwise show some enjoyment of the recently consumed treat. After one treat, #2 who was almost 5 at the time, explained “Baby can’t see the food coming, but it can taste it when it comes through the extension cord” We now fondly refer to the umbilical cord to the “extension cord.”

My oldest, who just turned 7-wow- really wants me to have this baby at home.As he and his brother say, they want to see me “squeeze out the baby”. Do they think I’m a tube of toothpaste? I wish it was so easy.

The boys want the baby’s crib to be in their room.They’ve even decided that they can put up a small fence down the middle of the room so that their toys can be on one side so baby can’t get into them. I’m not sure if they don’t want to share the toys with the baby or have heard us talk about baby choking on them???

#1 has volunteered to change diapers, #2 has volunteered to help feed, play with and otherwise help care for the baby. Considering the first two were barely 2 years apart, I am excited to see how different this newborn experience will be having 2 older siblings who seem so eager to help and excited for baby’s arrival! Though I also wonder how many days or weeks before the novelty has worn off.I’m pretty sure after the first diaper they will both rethink their offer to help with diapering 🙂


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