I love you more than…tea

There are several children’s books with the theme of “I love you more than_________” fill in the blank. I love you more than the stars shine. Or I love you higher than the tallest mountain. I love you more than ___________fill in the rest with something extreme, big, or that you relish more than anything in the world. In our family that would be chocolate. My boys inherited their excessive delight in all things chocolate from a long line of choco-holics, their dad and both grandmothers to name a few.  Therefore they often tell me “mommy, i love you more than chocolate.” aahhh.

Oh, did you notice that my name was left out of the choco-holics list. Well that would be that my fondness for sweets lies more with fruity chewy candies than with chocolate…did I just here some gasps from readers that I dare hold fruity candies above the greatest of all sweetness, chocolate. Yes, i bow my head and admit that while I do enjoy a piece of chocolate or a sampling of chocolate desserts, it is not my be-all, end-all desserts.  So I tell my boys, I love you more than fruity chewy candy and they know I mean I love them a whole heck of a lot!

that’s the wrapper of the tea i am sipping as i type this

However, maybe I should say I love them more than …. tea?  A dear friend visited with her daughter the other day and we sat on the deck sampling some fresh zucchini bread and sipping hot tea. I think she was taken back by my selection of teas (see photo-there some teas missing in this shot) upon opening the cupboard. I admitted to drinking at least 2-3 cups of tea each night to which she was a bit surprised.  That evening as I sipped my cup of tea, both boys age 3 and 5 requested their own cup. I was truly touched and took a mental snapshot of the three of us cradling our individual cups of blueberry tea as we sat at the table and nibbled on something (what we nibbled I can’t remember-drats “mom brain” strikes again).

Among many things I’ve inherited from my “Bappa”  (grandmother), her calves, athleticism, word morphism (using words that are similar to the word you should use but in turn change the meaning of the sentence resulting in hilarity) I also acquired her English thirst for black tea with a spot of cream and sugar and often find mid afternoon a perfect time to sip a cup or two.  Maybe I shall put on a large brimmed hat and where lace gloves next time. Yes that would be much more English of me.

I raise my dainty little tea-cup and saucer to the man (or maybe it was a woman) who first thought of drying plants and steeping them in water to concoct a delectably soothing drink, tea.

Yes boys, I think I do love you more than tea, more than zingers, Earl Grey, Constant Comment, Darjeeling, Lipton, Green, Chai or any other kind of tea.  Yes, mommy loves you a whole whole lot!


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