Corn-ucopia How to Freeze fresh corn

This spring the hubs expanded our garden from a measley 20′ x 30′ to a whopping 30’x70′. Yes, you did the math right, that’s 2100 sf (which is twice the size of our current home).  No we don’t sell produce at the farmers market. No we don’t sell our  canned produce at the corner fruit stand.  This is for us. The four of us. Yes, just us.

I call it his therapy. He comes home and putzes (is that a word?) around in the garden, watering, weeding and well being a farmer of sorts.  He finds some peace there.  I’m all for the garden, being self sufficient and would love to have a few chickens running around.  But then there is the harvest.

I’ve recently finished 24 pints and quarts of green beans which came after freezing approximately 4 gallon size freezer bags of said beans.  The bean plants continue to fruit and I am now offering any and all beans to any neighbor willing to take them.

I created 7 pints of salsa with our first reaping of tomatoes, using our own tomatoes and onions of course. Anyone who’s ever prepped gallons of beans or canned their own tomatoes can attest to the chapping of ones fingers after the prolonged exposure to water and acid. My hands feel as though I’ve been framing a house for the past 3 months. Ah but we have produce for the winter!

And now we have corn. It is the pride and joy of the garden. Started early to ensure our early MT frosts would not steal it away. We’ve enjoyed many ears of bbq roasted corn on the cob this past month but it is time to harvest it all as it becomes dry on the stalk.  So today the boys and I (husband is working) picked the remaining 76 ears of corn. I had my 5-year-old count them as math homework for kindergarten.

So we have 76 ears of corn.  Once removed from the ear, it yielded 37 cups to be frozen (using my favorite piece of equipment the FoodSaver). We have 1 full kitchen trashcan full of shuckings and stripped ears….I really wish we had a few pigs right now as I know they be in “hog heaven” with all those ears to nibble on! And it only took 2 1/2 hours 🙂

So here’s how we did it.

1. Shuck the corn removing as much corn silk as possible.

2. Bring large pot of water to a rolling boil. Put several ears of corn in and boil 4-6 minutes. Time starts when you place the corn in water.

3. Plunge the ears of corn in to ice water. I had a large bowl filled with ice water. This stops the cooking process.

4. Cut corn from cob. I used a bundt pan, place end of corn on the top hole and all the kernels fell into the pan.

5. Filled my FoodSaver bags with 2-3 cups of kernels, removed air and sealed. Place in freezer.  Sha-bam! 37 cups of home-grown, chemical free sweet delicious corn for the family!

Thanks hubby for all your hard work growing the corn-delicious!

For the pigs….:( wish we had one…


One thought on “Corn-ucopia How to Freeze fresh corn


    Once again- great article. What a haul! Is there anyway to change how these postings appear befroe opening? I sometimes forget it is your blog because it doesn’t say just cut thescrap on the email address or info line….. love you


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