Baby, you are 1!

The youngest little dude in our family (my nephew Baby Carter) is turning 1 which inspired me to create his very own bragging shirt!

Level: Super Easy

Time: 1/2 hour or less


Scrap fabric

Wonder Under double sided iron on stabilizer

A Number template (I used WordArt in Microsoft Word to create the number 1)


1. Create your number template (I used my computer but you could draw it freehand), print on paper and cut out.

2. Select scrap fabric big enough to fit the number.

3. Iron Wonder Under fusible webbing on the WRONG side of the scrap fabric-leave the paper backing on

4. Place number on the RIGHT side of fabric and trace with disappearing ink fabric marking pen  (another option is to place number on the paper side, use a pencil or pen for marking then cut…be careful to have the number “reversed” so that when you cut it out the number is not backwards….makes sense? clear as mud, right?)

5. Cut out number, remove paper backing, position number with fusible side down on your t-shirt, iron in place

6. I used a contrasting color thread here to give the number some pop. Select a narrow and tight zig zag stitch on your machine. Stitch all the way around the number. Clip threads.

Sha-Bam you are done and  your little one has some bragging power!


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