Scrappy Bias Tape

While this really is not “bias” tape it is tape that you can use for all sorts of finishing.  I have an entire box of scraps cut to this size so I can grab and stitch and make this up in advance.  It will add a little kick to just about anything!

This also makes for a good sewing exercise for the beginner and something you can do with your kids to practice straight sewing and ironing.

Level: My kids could do it 🙂

Time: Not much, the more you make the longer it takes


Scrap fabric cut 3″ wide by various lengths



1. After determining how many feet or yards you need of tape, gather enough scraps for the project.  Personally, I like to make up lots of this at one time and keep it on hand for later projects.

2. There are 2 ways to stitch the fabric scraps together. The best way to minimize the bulkiness in the tape is by sewing the pieces together perpendicular.  Place 2 scraps right sides together perpendicular to one another (see the photo below).

3. Stitch diagonally across the fabric then clip excess fabric.

4. Press the seam open. Continue adding scraps in this manner until your tape is as long (or longer) than needed

5. With wrong side up, fold the long edges in towards the middle. Press.  Using a light water mist from a spray bottle helps the folds stay nice and crisp.

Beginner tip: You may start by ironing the strip in half so you have a center fold. Then iron each long end in towards this fold. As you do this more, you may find you do not need to create the center fold.

6. Now fold again down the center so the folded edges meet. Press.

You’re done….that’s right, your done 🙂


5 thoughts on “Scrappy Bias Tape

  1. MadeByYoursTruly

    Jubbly! I have a HUGE bag of scraps all kept to one side ‘just in case’…! The ‘Just In Case’ moments never happen as often as my bag space allows, and I alwayds need straps and things.

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  4. Susie

    I found you through Skylar Chastain – what a fun bunch of ideas you have! I LOVE this idea – and never thought to put all of those bits and pieces together. There’s a cool bias tape maker in the notions department of your (local? I saw the Montana reference – jealous, I live in St. Louis…hot and humid) fabric store that makes folding/pressing the pieced strips really easy.

    1. justcutthescrap Post author

      Yes a bias tape maker would be fabulous for this project especially when you need to make a lot of tape! Glad you like the ideas! I have a manual tape maker but have found it easier to just fold and iron than to feed it through. I haven’t tried a bias tape making machine yet though the more I make the tape the more likely I’ll need to get one! 🙂


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