Pennant -Boys or Girls

Take a look at my website and I admit it’s quite girly. Well surprise, I have 2 boys and maybe my “work” is an outlet for all things girly. What I have found there are lots of fun things to make for girls and not as many for our boys…until now. This pennant was so fun AND easy.

Hang it on your son’s door, above their bed, over their coat hook/cubby in the entryway. They’ll enjoy seeing their name displayed like the big leaguers!

Level: Easy Peezy

Time: 1/2 hour-1 hour


Scrap Fabric – 2 pieces at least 10 x 14″  for the background

Scrap Fabric for letters

Wonder Under – double-sided iron on interfacing

Iron On Batting Interfacing


Small o ring or split rings for hanging

{All Rights Reserved Copyright 2012 Maranda Lee Design – Pattern and directions are or personal use only}

Letter templates (I used my computer Word Art in Microsoft Word to create my templates)

1. I first used my computer to create the letter templates. Since the name will be descending the letters towards the end of the name will get smaller.  The size of your pennant will depend on how big your letters are and how long the name is! 🙂  Tip: Print the name in descending order to help with pennant sizing. Fold your background fabric in half, position the name centered along the fold and use a straight edge to mark and cut out triangle large enough for your name to fit.

2. Iron Wonder Under to wrong side of scrap fabric for the letters. Place one letter on the wrong side and pin in place. Cut out the letter.  Do this for each letter in the name.

3. Once all the letters are cut out of the fabric (with Wonder Under on the wrong side), peel the paper backing off each letter. Position the letters on the pennant. Iron into place.

4. Cut a triangle that is 1/2″ smaller on all sides from the iron on batting. Iron to wrong side of pennant.

5. Cut second piece of fabric 1/4-1/2″ larger than pennant. This will be the back of the pennant.  Place the smaller pennant on top of the larger pennant, center and pin. Topstitch around the smaller pennant. Dress it up with a decorative stitch or zigzag stitch.  (Note: I used a pinking shear rotary cutter for both pennant pieces so that I don’t have to finish the edges and worry about fraying. It also gives it a fun detail, don’t you think?  )

6.  On the back top corners, slip stitch o ring for hanging. (I used 1/2″ split rings that are for jewelry making)

Hang where you little one will love it!  While I made this for my boys, you could definitely make this for girls, baby’s and any sports enthusiast!


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