Be My Valentine Heart

This is a kind of quick project….depending on the size of the heart you make 🙂  For this I used a heart template that was approximately 6″ tall.  You can use a template or go freehand. The heart  you cut doesn’t have to be perfect as you’ll be covering it with your fabric.

{2012 copyright Maranda Lee Design Ltd- for personal use only}

Level: So easy your kid could do it

Time: 1/2 hour- 1 hour


Scrap fabric cut to 3″ x 15-20″ long (here I chose all the same fabric, you can do it in multiple shades of red and pink)

Hot Glue

Craft Foam (or a foam board would work too)

String or ribbon at least 8″ long

1. Mark and cut heart shape from the craft foam. Punch a small hole towards the top center of the heart and thread yarn or ribbon through. Tie off to form a loop for hanging.

2. Cut strips of fabric then fold in half lengthwise. Press.

3. Using the longest stitch on your machine straight stitch approximately 1/4-1/2″ from the raw edge through both layers of fabric.  Time saving trick here: back-stitch at the beginning and create additional tension on the top thread by holding the thread just below the thread spool between your thumb and index finger. This creates additional tension on the top thread and will gather your fabric as you go.  Another option is to stitch then gather the fabric by pulling on the bobbin thread.

4. Gather fabric tightly and form a flower. Using the hot glue gun, dab some glue on the  ends of thread so they do not come undone.  I put a little glue between the layers of the flower to secure in place.

5. Place lots of glue on the bottom of the flower (raw edges) and then press onto the heart. Either start at the top center or the bottom point of the heart and work your way around the heart until the foam is  covered.

Hang and enjoy!


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