Gift Card Money Pouch

This little pouch is perfect place to slip that birthday gift card or a little cash. I love to use mine for storing all those punch cards that accumulate in your wallet. Whenever I’m in a store, I pull out my card pouch and easily find the rewards card I need.
{Pattern Copyright 2012 Maranda Lee Design Ltd}
Level: Easy-Peezy
Time: about 45 minutes, less if you make more than 1 at a time
2 pieces of Scrap fabric at least 6″ x 10″ each
Light weight (pellon 911FF) iron-on interfacing 6″ x 10″
Snap Button and tool ( hammer and thread spool)
Coordinating thread
1. Cut a rectangle 6″ x 10″ out of 2 different pieces of scrap fabric. You can use 2 colors that coordinate or accent each other…don’t feel limited here as I love a fun bag with a surprise on the inside!
2. Following manufacturers instructions, iron-on the interfacing to the fabric piece A (the fabric that will be on the outside).
3. With right sides together, match up short and long ends of both pieces of fabric. Stitch all 4 sides leave 3″ on one short end open for turning. Be sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end as well as at each corner.
NOTE” when stitching across the opposite short end from the opening you will have the opportunity to either stitch straight across for a squared flap or as I have done here, angle your stitch to have a triangular flap. You could also use a soup can to mark a rounded flap….the skies the limit on this design!
4. Clip corners and turn right sides out. Press and then stitch across the bottom closing the opening at the same time.
5. Fold your pouch into thirds so that it is approximately 5″ wide x 3.5″ tall when folded. Stitch up one side, across the flap and then down the other side. You now have a pouch with a flap!
6. Add a snap! You can buy these snaps with a tool for attaching them but you can also use a thread spool and hammer as shown here. Mark where your snap will go by folding the flap down over the main part of the pouch then fold it up about 1/2″. At the center (approx 2 1/2″ from the edge) mark both the flap and the pouch where the snap will go.
7. Attach the top snap to the flap (this is the part of the snap with the decorative head). Then the opposite part of the snap to the pouch.
Voila! Fill with money or gift card for a fun reusable present!
IDEAS: Add a personal touch to your pouch by printing a message on fabric paper and stitching it to your pouch before assembly. You can also fold the fabric paper in half and stitch it into the side seam for a “tag” affect. Add the recipients name, a greeting or message, or words or inspiration for a truly unique and personal gift.

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