Button Up!

 Create beautiful fabric button magnets and push pins for your home or office, as gifts for your teachers, family and friends!
1/2″ Cover Buttons -for push pins (you’ll need the kit if you don’t already have one)
7/8″ -1″Cover Buttons -for magnets
Scrap fabric in lovely colors of your choice
Super glue (I prefer the gel)
Nickel Plated Thumbtacks
3/4″ round magnets (ceramic or alloy will work)
Button Shank removing pliers (or wire cutters will work too)
Get Started!
Push Pin
1. Start with the 1/2″ Cover Buttons. You will need one top piece and one bottom piece for each pin. 
2. Remove the button shank using the pliers. You will need to pull it out or use wire cutters to snip close to the bottom side of the button and remove the shank.
3. Cut a square of fabric slightly larger than the white piece in the button cover kit. Follow the directions as to how to apply the fabric to the top of the button and then secure the bottom of the button (which no longer has a shank).  You now have a covered “button”
 4. Glue  one thumbtack to the underside of the button as shown. Let dry completely before use.

Button Magnet
1. Do the same as shown for the Button Pushpin as shown in 1-3.  Instead of using the 1/2″ buttons use the 7/8-1″ buttons.
2. Once the buttons are covered with fabric, use the super glue to attach one magnet to the underside of the button (the shank should not still be attached)
3. Voila! You’re done!  My boys love to play with these in the car or with small magnetic surfaces. They are strong and durable and look lovely on any surface whether it’s your whiteboard at work or your home refrigerator. They are not dominating and intrusive and can add just a little funk to your everyday life!

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