Ribbon Wand


This super easy project will leave your little princess or gymnast smiling! Whip one up for some entertainment on a rainy (or in my case snowy) day or create a special wand for your little girl’s princess or fairy costume!

Long strips of scrap fabric (at least 10″ long up to 22″ are perfect)
1/4-1/2″ wooden dowel at least 12″ long
Tulle or ribbons
Hot glue gun
Sewing Machine
Craft flower
Button, craft gems or jewels
Small screw and drill OR staple gun (to attach ribbon to dowel)

1. First cut strips of fabric and tulle into 1″ wide strips that are at least 10-22″ long Here I cut 4 strips of tulle and 4 long strips and one shorter (about 5-10″ long) of the fabric.

2. Stack 2-3 layers of the longer fabric and tulle. Place the shorter fabric piece (which will be wrapped around the dowel) about 1-2″ below the short edge of one stack. Stitch the fabric to the stack, back stitching at the beginning and end of stitch.

3. Make a second stack of fabric and tulle and repeat step 2. It will look like the photo above.

4. About 1″ down from the top of the dowel, place the short strip of fabric on the dowel and tack with a little glue. Wrap the strip around the dowel. With about 1″ left to wrap around the dowel, I secured all the layers to the dowel using a very short screw and drill. You can also use a staple gun. The idea is that you go through all layers of the fabric and into the wood so that your fabric does not unravel.

5. Finish wrapping the dowel which will cover your screw or staple gun. Glue edge in place.

6. Use your imagination and what you have on hand to decorate the top of the wand. I wrapped an extra piece of tulle around the fabric and tied it in a bow to give a little more whimsy. Then I used 2 medium sized flowers and buttons here. I removed the flowers from the plastic stems then hot glued each layer of the flower petal (in this case there were 2 layers) to the side of the dowel. Then I glued on the button. I did this on two sides of the wand.

7. You could also use ribbon, craft gems, beaded necklace (ie: mardi gras beads), charms, garland, a fabric yo yo and so many other options to embellish your wand.

7. Now your little one is ready to play fairy, princess, or practice her gymnastic ribbon performance 🙂


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