Gift Tags

Scrappy Gift Tags

Scrap fabric
3×5 index card (no lines) or card stock (or repurpose a cereal box)
Wonder Under light weight double sided iron on adhesive (or a clear plastic)
Hole Punch
Ribbon or string
Buttons (optional)
Template (Shown here with Butterfly)

This simple technique of fabric and paper applique yields endless possibilities for using up your scrap pile. From gift tags, decorated gift bags, applique cards and even mobiles you’ll have fun creating and coming up with new templates and uses for your applique cards.

1. Trace butterfly template onto card stock. Cut out along traced lines. This is your template.

2. Cut a piece of Wonder Under a little larger than the butterfly template. Iron to the WRONG side of a piece of scrap fabric also a little larger than template. Follow the wonder under manufacturer instructions. Tip: use a cloth or piece of white paper when ironing. I place one underneath the wonder under/fabric and also on top to protect my ironing surface and iron from the melting fibers.

3.Remove the paper backing and iron onto your piece of cardstock.
4. Trace template onto the paper side. Cut out the butterfly shape.

5. Punch hole in the template at your desired place. Shown here in the center of the butterfly.
6. Thread the ribbon or string through the hole and tie a knot.

Congrats, you now have a beautiful hand-crafted and unique hang tag for your gift! Write your message on the paper-side of the gift tag.

1. Tags of all shapes! You can make hang tags using the same method that are geometric shapes (ie: rectangle, triangle, circles, etc) Use objects from around your home as templates such as mason jars, credit cards, etc). Find other shapes for templates such as hearts, birds, ladybugs, etc.

2. Dress up your gift bag/box! Instead of ironing the Wonder Under to the cardstock, you can iron your tag onto a gift bag or box. After step 2, trace the template to the paper-backing of the Wonder Under. Cut out shape and remove paper-backing. Iron onto your gift bag or box.

3. It’s a wrap! Add some strips of scrap fabric to the bag handle or wrap around the gift box like ribbon.

4. For a more eco friendly option, re-purpose a cereal box as cardstock. Iron your fabric to the printed side. Plastic wrapping can also work as an adhesive instead of wonder under. Plastic bags work but avoid using plastic with print as it does not adhere as well. You may want to experiment with different plastics as I’ve found my regular plastic wrap I use for food does not bond well but the plastic wrapping my that my son’s diapers come in are great!

5.Embellish it! Add ribbon for embellishments using glue. Add buttons as eyes and nose. Use rickrack for the mouth or to decorate the tags. Add ribbon, tule and any other scraps lying around.

Let your imagination have fun with this project! Your friends and family will love the personal touch!


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